Thursday, September 1, 2011


Every now and then, I get in these really stupid funks that I absolutely abhor.  It's not like me, and I don't like it.  They normally go away after a couple of days, and sometimes even less than that.  But sometimes they are extended, and those are the worst.  Since I don't really know what's wrong with me while I'm in them, I'm basically stuck just waiting for them to go away. It's hard for me to talk to anyone about it, because I really don't know what's wrong, and that's not like me at all.  I typically have a really good grasp on myself
To cut this ramble off, I'm in a funk currently and hoping it goes away by morning.  But I feel like this one has staying power.  I miss Tallahassee.  I think that's what it is.
Moving on.  I've kind of been trying to narrow down what I want to do with my life, and have somewhat landed on teaching high school.  I'd want to teach English, and to do that, I'd have to go back college and take roughly 7 or 8 more classes...not so sure how I feel about doing that right now.
Another option I've recently come across is this Possible Life Choice? I've already been thinking that I want to spend the next year or so getting into shape, so this might be just one more motivator. Plus, I think I'd be good at it, and I have kind of always wanted to go into the military.  We'll see.